A large proportion of my day is spent talking to students and staff, discussing the leavers hoodie ordering process, the differences between hoodie packages and of course, the cost. There are lots of factors to consider when purchasing any item and when it comes to clothing getting the design just right is imperative, however when ordering en mass cost is always a huge consideration. 

Often suppliers will quote an amazing low price for your order only to add in hidden costs afterwards, by which point you may be too far into the process to change your mind. Speaking to customers regularly many have experienced this, some have thought to question the price but many, including students who may not familiar with ordering from suppliers can be tricked. 

I always explain that the prices we advertise on the website are all inclusive, this means delivery, VAT,  set up costs, artwork, and packaging are all included in the cost. However, it's worrying to hear how many suppliers do not provide transparent pricing. 

To help  you look out for hidden costs, I've made a list of some key things to watch out for. When speaking to suppliers, you may want to ensure that all of the below are included in the cost they have given you.

1) VAT - it may seem like an obvious one but personally, I would never have thought to check whether or not VAT was included at the age of 16 or 18! It's common for manufacturers to quote prices exclusive of VAT to schools, which at a rate of 20% can massively increase the cost of the quote.

2) Delivery - this one usually comes hand in hand with VAT. If VAT isn't included, you can usually be sure that this isn't either. Delivery costs is often dependent on how many hoodies you order and whereabouts you are located in relation to your supplier. Some of the most expensive couriers can charge in excess of £20 a box! (Good job our delivery is included free of charge!)

3) Set Up Costs - leavers hoodies have a lot more set up costs than regular printed t-shirts. Your embroidered crest must firstly be converted from your JPEG into a series of code that the machinery will understand, then the large back print is converted into a screen and any personalisation is imprinted onto a sheet of vinyl and weeded out. Each of these processes have set up costs involved, which can have a huge impact on the cost of your hoodies if it is not already incorporated into your quote. 

4) Artwork - you supply the names and we do the rest! But of course there are artworking costs involved and they are often based on a cost per hour. Depending on how long it takes a graphic designer, these costs can be quite high. In all honesty, the cost of artwork is included in many quotes. However, in many cases if you wish to make any changes to the templates you have you may be presented with an added surcharge. (Full services from our graphic design team are included in our costs - including your own bespoke design if you so wish!)

So there are the main hidden costs you may want to look out for! I hope you will find this article useful when ordering your hoodies (and receiving any other quotes for suppliers for that matter!) If you want to discuss any of the above or ask me any questions about your leavers clothing please give me a call on 0121 454 9441 or email gemma@waveprint.co.uk and I will be happy to help :)