Secondary Trip & Tour Clothing Packages

Whether you want to be able to easily identify as a group, or provide a memento of your latest international sports tour or ski trip, clothing is a practical and fun addition to any school trip.

Our library of design covers popular international venues and activities, but if these don't suit we also offer a free bespoke design service, so you can create the perfect garment for the occasion. 

We have a wide range of garments to offer (below are the most popular packages but they are only a fraction of the range available) and we can provide you with free sizing samples, an optional online ordering and payment system along with a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

The prices below include delivery and VAT, there are no hidden additional costs.

WavePrint College Leavers Hoodie
Heavyweight School Trip Hoodie
WavePrint Contrast Leavers Hoodie
WavePrint Zipper Leavers Hoodie
WavePrint Premium Leavers Hoodie