Frequently Asked Questions

Organising the leavers hoodie order is a pretty straight forward process, but can be a daunting experience if you've never done it before. Fortunately for WavePrint customers we offer a wealth of support and advice in a range of formats. On this page we've tried to cover some of the most popular questions customers ask when they are just starting out with yearbook production.

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+ Is there a minimum order quantity?

To qualify for our standard pricing you must order at least 25 hoodies. You can order fewer than 25, but there would be a surcharge to cover set up and carriage costs, please get in touch for details if required.

+ How long does it take to order hoodies?

We have a very efficient ordering process, from the point that we receive your order specification we will get visual proofs and order confirmation back within 48 (working) hours. From here we will create your online shop which will remain open for a prearranged lenght of time (typically two weeks) and once the orders are in we will proceed with production which takes up to four weeks. If you are working to a specific schedule please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

+ How many colours are available?

We offer different brands with each package so the colours available are package dependent, with the zipper and premium packages there are around 10 colours with the college package there are over 50. Check out the hoodie packages for further details. Some schools choose to limit the number of colours available to students which we are happy to accomodate, but there is no requirement to do this.

+ Can I have a sample?

We are happy to supply sample garments to schools who have confirmed their intention to order with us. In fact we encourage schools to make a couple of sizing samples available to students to ensure everyone orders the right size!

+ How do we promote the sale of the hoodies?

We support you with this too. We will send you posters and leaflets which will advise the year group how to order and when they need to order by. You can of course also promote the hoodies via social media or from the school systems such as email or text, just let us know if you need any additional assistance with this.

+ Can I have a custom design?

You will have seen our great range of designs on this site, however if you would like to specify a bespoke design we are more than happy to accomodate this. Get in touch to discuss your idea and we will advise on the feasibility.