WavePrint Leavers Hoodie Package Match

We Will Match Any Genuine Leavers Hoodie Package

We have spent a long time researching and developing our Leavers Hoodie packages into what we truely believe are the best value for money packages available today.  However, with so many Leavers Hoodie suppliers out there, and everyone offering different brands of hoodie and different customisation options, the process of deciding on a supplier can be confusing.

So to make life easier for customers we will match any genuine Leavers Hoodie package available on the market today, meaning you get to benefit from our first rate service in the knowledge that you are getting the best value for money available.

The Low Price Illusion

Some suppliers try to make their prices appear cheaper than they actually are, and we usually find that when the details are considered our packages are better value.  These are some of the tricks used by other suppliers to make prices look artificially low:

Volume Led Pricing: Offering a great price for a large order, but high prices for smaller quantities, so if you don't sell as many as you thought you would (as is often the case!), you will find the prices go up and you have to go back and ask everyone for more money!

Hidden Charges: Some companies don't include VAT, delivery or set-up charges in their headline rates, which soon bump the unit prices!

Basic 'Standard' Packages: We often see companies offering Leavers Hoodies at low prices, and adding the embroidered crest as an expensive add-on.

Poor Quality Garments: There are some very cheap hoodies on the market, which some companies offer to keep their costs down.


Naturally there are a few conditions that apply to our price match offer:

  1. We need to see a genuine written offer from the company to match against (online, via email or in printed literature)
  2. We will price match on a like-for-like basis, i.e. the same garment, personalisation package and pricing structure
  3. Depending on the details we may not be able to offer online ordering on price matched packages
  4. We reserve the right to decline a price match if we feel that the package/service offered by the other supplier is of insufficient quality, but will propose an alternative